Anorthosis’ on loan defender Salva Ferrer spoke to Isabel Pacheco at about his health situation.

Key quotes:

– “Two or three days before a game I noticed a lump on my neck. I thought I had slept badly or that some muscle had stiffened. I said to myself: “I’m not going to be scared, but if a few days go by and keep going, I’ll take a test”. Seeing that it didn’t go away, I had an ultrasound. The doctors told me that they didn’t like what they had seen, but despite being told that, you think that it couldn’t have been that bad luck. “It can’t be”, you tell yourself.”

– “It wasn’t difficult to have to leave football because, well, right now there is something more important than that. My goal is no longer to know who I’m playing against this weekend or what the opposing striker is like; my purpose now is to heal myself and that’s why it’s what I fight for every day.”

– “I don’t even see my career as over. I hope to play football for many more years. It’s what I’m fighting for. This is going to help me a lot and it’s going to catapult me ​​because physically it’s not going to leave me with any consequences. And on the contrary, at the level mental health is going to help me manage many things that, without a traumatic experience like this, I would never have learned to know how to manage”.

Full interview is here