When it comes to strikers, the talent pool from Cyprus is currently at its peak. Ioannis Pittas is making waves in the Swedish league, Marios Elia has been consistently excellent lately, and Ruel Sotiriou and Andronikos Kakoullis have had solid seasons at Leyton Orient and Omonoia respectively.

Another noteworthy striker is 24 year old Andreas Katsantonis, who has had an impressive season despite his team’s struggle to maintain their position in the Protathlima.

Katsantonis is experiencing the best season of his career, netting 14 goals in 31 matches for Karmiotissa. Among his notable achievements are goals scored against Aris, APOEL, Omonoia, and Pafos during the regular round of matches.

Katsantonis has been wreaking havoc on defences with his off the ball movement and spatial awareness in the box, earning a reputation for consistently finding himself in the right place at the right time. Another notable aspect of his play is his knack for staying on the shoulder of the last defender, frequently putting himself in one-on-one situations with the goalkeeper.

Despite the limited opportunities Karmiotissa create against stronger opponents, Katsantonis has capitalised on half chances, seizing loose balls and making the most out of them.

Player Profile:

Date of Birth: 16th February 2000
Height: 1.81m
Position: Forward
Key Strengths: Technical ability, movement off the ball, high intensity and energy, instinctive finisher, heading, first touch, upper body strength.

Highlight reel: