Malmo coach Boris Bjelcanovic takes us behind the scenes of his coaching role and emphasises the significance of youth development within football clubs in Sweden.

We delve into the intriguing transfers of Brorsson and Bengtsson to Aris, examining the impact these transfers made to Swedish football. Additionally, we explore the arrival of Jesper Janssen, the new Sporting Director at Omonoia, and discuss the fresh perspectives and contributions he brings to the club.

Boris opens up about his own personal journey, sharing anecdotes from his youth when he made the bold decision to move to Cyprus to play for APEP. He regales us with enthralling tales of facing formidable clubs such as Anorthosis, Omonoia, and APOEL, offering a unique glimpse into the intensity and challenges of professional football in Cyprus.

Prepare for a dose of laughter as Boris shares some humorous stories from his time in Cyprus, showcasing the essence of living and playing football in this captivating Mediterranean country. From cultural quirks to unexpected adventures, these anecdotes encapsulate the spirit of “This Is Cyprus.”