Nowadays, we have seen the near demolition of the classic number 9 in football, as more and more teams prefer to set their teams up in a way that there could be more possession held, than people in the box. This is the main reason that footballers like Haaland and Lewandowski thrived these past couple of years, and this is the reason that an elite athlete like Harry Kane, adjusted his game, so that he could be an important tool for every manager’s Arsenal.

Similar to other reviews done, we will be seeing another Cypriot up and comer, who has adjusted his game from a classic number 9, to a more in and out of the box forward. Angelos Zefki, is an English Cypriot forward, trained in the Omonoia Nicosia Academy, and has just completed a full season at Olympiakos Nicosia in Cypriot 2nd Division. At just 21 years of age, Angelos has played in all ages of the Cypriot National team other than the first team, which will more than likely happen in the next couple of years.

The youngster has played 22 games with the Olympiakos shirt in his second season with the club, after his transfer from Omonoia during the summer of 2022. With 5 goals and 6 assists in 22 matches, Angelos has shifted in a wider role over the period of the last season, playing in all the attacking positions (LW, CF, RW) and also as a 10 which showcased his versatility on the pitch.

His best position is as a second striker behind the classic number 9, plus a free role as a false 9, where he can take advantage of the spaces in the opposing defense, and make shadow runs behind the defenders. Despite his short structure (1,74), he is super aggressive, often using his body to shield the ball, and rapid when he finds space. With incredible agility, he likes to beat defenders on one-on-ones and move the ball forward quickly. Another characteristic, is that he like to beat the offside trap from a wider position, sneaking in between the opposing CB and Full back and creating a one-on-one dynamic with the keeper.

Zefkis is an incredibly happy figure in the dressing room, easy-going with fantastic social skills, which creates a chemistry and friendship with his teammates, something, that can be seen on the pitch. Trains hard and treats himself like an athlete and it looks like he will get his move soon and prove to be an incredible talent.

Player Profile:

Date of Birth: April 15th 2003
Height: 1,74cm
Position: Forward
Key Strengths: Beats the offside trap, Agility, Quickness, Versatility