We, at the NC-Network, are deeply troubled by recent instances of racism exhibited by football fans within Cypriot stadiums. As a podcast dedicated to illuminating the brilliance of Cypriot football, we find it imperative to address these egregious acts.

Our mission is to shed light on the excellence of Cypriot football, amplifying its visibility and showcasing the talents of players and coaches. However, discussions of fan violence and racism only serve to tarnish the reputation of the sport we hold dear, lowering its tone and bringing shame upon the Cypriot game.

With Cyprus hosting UEFA events, it is incumbent upon the Cypriot league to uphold the principles of the No To Racism campaign, as articulated by UEFA President Aleksander ńĆeferin. Racism, discrimination, and intolerance have no place in football, and it is essential that every effort is made to eradicate such behavior from our stadiums.

Moreover, there is an urgent need to transform the mentality and culture surrounding football, particularly among supporters. We must educate fans about the critical importance of anti-racism, both from moral and ethical standpoints and in recognition of the diverse array of talents contributing to Cypriot football. Allowing supporters to engage in actions such as Nazi salutes and monkey noises is utterly unacceptable and must be unequivocally condemned.

As a podcast committed to combating racism within football, we pledge our unwavering support to any anti-racism campaigns initiated by the Cypriot Football Association. We stand ready to collaborate with the CFA in fostering a culture of inclusivity, respect, and solidarity within Cypriot football.

We have taken the initiative to send an email to the Cypriot Football Association, expressing our displeasure at these recent acts of racism and urging decisive action to address them. We will continue to advocate for positive change within the sport and remain steadfast in our commitment to promoting a footballing community free from discrimination.

Together, let us strive to create a future where every individual, regardless of race or background, can enjoy the beautiful game without fear of prejudice or hatred.