With the closure of the 2023-24 season, the excitement levers are higher than ever before, and the start of Euro 2024 is days upon us. Hosts Germany are preparing to host one of the most anticipated competitions of all time, full of unpredictability and suspense. For the football maniacs, the wait will not be as intense, since the 20th of May sees the start of another international competition, Euro U17 and will take place in our beautiful island of Cyprus.

Even though this is maybe the most important event that we have ever witnessed in terms of football, in this island, the excitement levels are nowhere near what they should have been. For the first time ever, a Cypriot National Team will participate in a major international competition, and not only that, but they will also be the hosts as well.

The association has tried to advertise the competition to Cypriot fans, but it is unknown as who and how many will follow our young countrymen in this adventure. With FIFA and UEFA turning their attention to our beautiful island, it would be more than helpful to showcase the growth that our football has seen over the last couple of years and try and get on the map as an developed football nation. The decision however to place matches into some of the ‘’worst’’ stadiums of the division, in terms of accessibility, security, safety and comfort of the athletes is still a massive question mark.
The final will be held in the newest and most developed stadium in Cyprus, the Alphamega Arena in Limassol. Five more stadiums will host the rest of the matches, all based on the eastern coast of Cyprus. Dasaki, Ammochostos, Papadopoulos, Tasos Markou and AEK Arena complete the five stadiums that the European Elite of ages under 17, will fight for the title.

The tournament starts on May 20th, as we mentioned, with Serbia vs Ukraine being held in Tasos Markou in Paralimni and Denmark vs Wales at Dasaki Stadium. Both games are scheduled to start at 18:00 and the main event of the night see Cyprus making a debut in internation competitions, hosting the Czech Republic at 20:30 in AEK Arena in Larnaca. The other match playing simultaneously with the Cyprus match, is Croatia vs Austria at Antonis Papadopoulos.

With the eye turned to the future, as Cypriots our duty is to support these youngsters in showcasing our football to Europe. The aim is to develop footballers enough, so that in the future we will have the chance to challenge for a spot in a World Cup or even Euros. Us, we will be there, covering all the matches of our National Team, and what we ask from you, is to support them.